April 21, 2023 – Flooding Preparation Info, Recognizing Child Abuse Prevention Month, and the Climate Change + Public Health Speaker Series

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another week of news here on Summit in 6.

We’ll kick things off with some important information regarding sandbags around the county. Then, we’ll give a quick preview of some important council agenda items that our listeners might want to tune into next week. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with info about the May 9th Climate Change and Public Health Speaker Series. 

Ok…let’s get into the news.

Flooding Preparation Resources

Sandbags are a great way to help prevent or reduce flooding on your property. We know there have been questions surrounding sandbag availability, so we wanted to take a second to cover everything sand and bags. All of this info is all listed on our website at summitcounty.org/flooding. On that website, you can find sandbag locations for each municipality and unincorporated areas within the county.

While we are on the topic of sandbags: Public Works Departments and volunteers around the county are doing their best to prefill bags for those in need of them. Pre-filled bags are not guaranteed. Be prepared to fill your own. Also, shovels are not always available. So please arrive prepared with your own shovel.

If you are physically able, please fill your own sandbags even if pre-filled ones are available. Pre-filled bags should be reserved for those who are unable to fill their own.Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Once again, visit summitcounty.org/flooding to access other important flooding information and resources

Did you know Summit County has an in-house laboratory facility to test water samples for bacteria?! This flood season poses high risks to private springs and drinking water wells. If you’re interested in testing your drinking water, you can pick up sample bottles at any of our three Health Department locations. Visit summitcountyhealth.org for more water safety information.

Child Abuse Prevention Month 

At this week’s County Council meeting, the Council proclaimed April 2023 as Child Abuse Prevention Month. 

Child abuse and neglect is a complex and ongoing problem in our society and unfortunately it affects many children in Summit County.

Summit County believes every child is entitled to be loved, cared for, nurtured, feel secure and be free from verbal, sexual, emotional and physical abuse, and neglect. It is the responsibility of every adult who comes in contact with a child to protect that child’s inalienable right to a safe and nurturing childhood.

In service of these beliefs, the county has dedicated individuals and organizations who work daily to counter the problem of child maltreatment and to help parents obtain the assistance they need.

Effective child abuse prevention programs succeed because of partnerships among families, social service agencies, schools, religious and civic organizations, law enforcement agencies and the business community. 

For more information on child abuse prevention in Summit County, please visit summitcounty.org/cjc.

Climate Change and Public Health Speaker Series 

The Climate Change and Public Health Speaker Series kicks off next month on May 9, 2023 at the Blair Education Center at the park city hospital. The three-part series hosted by the Summit County Health Department and the Woodwell Climate Research Center is designed to elevate public health as a critical consideration of climate change action in our community. This first session of the speaker series is a conversation focused on climate change and how it is impacting environmental health in Summit County and beyond.

At the May event, attendees will listen to national and local perspectives from climate change research experts and establish connections between local risks to the natural environment and their influence on public health outcomes. For more info, speaker bios, and to register to attend, visit: summitcountyhealth.org/speakerseries


Alright, that’s all the news we have for this week, tune in next week for more on Summit in 6.