April 14, 2023 – Important Sandbag Info, Next Week’s Council Preview, and Climate Change & Public Health Speaker Series

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another week of news here on Summit in 6.

We’ll kick things off with some important information regarding sandbags around the county. Then, we’ll give a quick preview of some important council agenda items next week that our listeners might want to tune into. Finally, we’ll wrap things up with the upcoming Climate Change and Public Health Speaker Series. 

Ok…let’s get into the news.

Flooding + Sandbags 

We hit temperatures in the high 70’s earlier this week so it’s safe to say spring runoff is upon us. We know there have been some questions surrounding sandbag availability recently, so we wanted to take a second to cover everything sand and bags really quickly. 

  1. For Summit County residents who live in unincorporated parts of the county, there are currently 12 locations around the county for you to access sandbags. They are all listed on summitcounty.org/flooding under “Summit County Public Works”.
  2. Also on summitcounty.org/flooding, you can find sandbag locations for each municipality in the county. 
  3. While Public Works Departments and volunteers around the county are doing their best to pre-fill bags for folks, please understand that pre-filled bags are not guaranteed. Be prepared to fill your own bags. Helpful tips and tricks on filling sandbags can be found at summitcounty.org/flooding.
  4. Every location is equipped with sand and bags, but shovels are not always available. Come prepared with your own shovel.
  5. Finally, if you are physically able, please fill your own bags even if pre-filled are available. Pre-filled bags should be reserved for those who are unable to fill their own (seniors, people with a disability, etc.).Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Again, we keep this information updated and continue to provide other important flooding information and resources online at summitcounty.org/flooding. One more time, that’s summitcounty.org/flooding

Next Week’s Council Meetings

Up next, we wanted to give a quick preview of next week’s County Council meetings. 

On Monday, April 17 starting at 6PM there is a Council of Governments meeting. At the meeting the Council, along with each city mayor, will receive the preliminary report and recommendation from the County’s outside consultant for an operations and governance model for Summit County’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS). Information on how to tune in is available at summitcounty.org/agendacenter

And, then on Wednesday, April 19, at the Council’s regularly scheduled meeting Deputy County Manager, Janna Young, will present a final wrap up and review of the 2023 Utah State Legislature General Session. This will be a great opportunity to hear about the bills that came from this year’s general session and how they affect Summit County. Again, information on how to tune in can be found at summitcounty.org/agendacenter

Speaker Series 

The Climate Change and Public Health Speaker Series kicks off next month on May 9, 2023 at the Blair Education Center in Park City, Utah. The three-part series hosted by the Summit County Health Department and the Woodwell Climate Research Center is designed to elevate public health as a critical consideration of climate change action in our community.

This first session of the speaker series is a conversation focused on climate change and how it is impacting environmental health in Summit County and beyond. At the May event, attendees will listen to national and local perspectives from climate change research experts. They will come away from the event drawing connections between local risks to the natural environment and their influence on public health outcomes. For more info, speaker bios, and to register to attend, visit: summitcountyhealth.org/speakerseries


Alright, that’s all the news we have for this week, tune in next week for more on Summit in 6.