October 6, 2023 – Tax Bills, North Summit Special Recreation District Proposed Tax Increase, Parking Needs Assessment & Community Engagement Opportunities

Hey everyone, welcome back to another week of news here on Summit in Six! We’ll kick things off with a couple tax-related items, then we’ll quickly cover some parking news and wrap things up with some exciting community engagement opportunities coming up that our listeners might want to get involved in. Ok, let’s get into the news!


Heads up Summit County! Your tax bills will be mailed by the Summit County Treasurer’s Office on October 20 so be on the lookout! Taxes are due November 30! 

You might notice an insert in this year’s bill that discusses the Primary Residence Exemption. If your home is coded as a secondary residence but you think that coding is incorrect, now is the time to apply for the Primary Residence Exemption. 

To qualify for the exemption:

  • You and all the owners of the property must be legally domiciled Utah residents
  • AND all the owners must provide a Utah driver’s license (or Utah I.D. Card) with an address that matches the property address
  • AND you live in the home for 183 or more consecutive days in the year.


  • You have a tenant that is a legally domiciled Utah resident with a Utah driver’s license (or Utah I.D. Card) with an address that matches the property address
  • AND you can provide a copy of the lease agreement with your tenant
  • AND your tenant lives in the home for 183 or more consecutive days in the year.

If this sounds like you, please visit summitcounty.org/assessor and click “primary residence exemption” to begin the process. Application approval can take several weeks. Your property taxes must be paid by November 30 to avoid a penalty, even if you have applied for the exemption. Any excess taxes paid prior to receiving the Primary Residence Exemption will be refunded.


Also at this week’s meeting, the County Council convened as the governing board of North Summit Special Recreation District. On September 28, North Summit Rec gave the Council notice via email of their intent to raise their certified tax rate. This week’s council agenda item was a courtesy that followed that initial notice. 

In 2019 North Summit residents voted to approve a tax rate cap of .000104. The district’s current tax rate sits at .000061. North Summit Rec’s proposed increase would bring the tax rate up to the previously authorized cap of .000104. 

The proposed increase is projected to generate roughly $75,000 for the district. For a North Summit resident with a home value of $785,000 the increase would equate to $18.57. 

There will be a public meeting held next week on October 11 at the Ledges Event Center, located at 202 Park Road in Coalville. It is slated to start at approximately 4:20 PM. 

At the meeting, residents will be able to listen to the reasons behind the percentage increase, the gross amount of the increase, the details of the process and so on. To be clear, a public meeting No public comment will be taken on the proposed tax rate increase but everyone is welcome to attend.

However, later this year, North Summit residents will have the opportunity to comment on the increase at a December 6 public hearing. We will be sure to keep listeners updated on the details of that meeting.

So stay tuned on Summit County social media channels and keep listening to this podcast to remain informed!


Moving onto some exciting parking-related news! This week, the Council approved an interlocal agreement with Park City Municipal for a Parking Needs Assessment and Policy Review. 

For some context, back in April of this year, the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) awarded Summit County and Park City Municipal Corporation (PCMC) a Technical Planning Assistance (TPA) grant of $175,000 to conduct a Regional Parking Needs Assessment and Policy Review. 

Fun fact! It’s the first UDOT Technical Planning Assistance grant the county has ever received and it was the highest funded grant they’ve ever done through that program! 

PCMC offered to provide up to an additional $50,000 in matching funds. The Interlocal Cooperative Agreement establishes formally that PCMC will do so. The Summit County transportation division will manage the project and is not obligated financially. 

The Regional Parking Needs Assessment and Policy Review will evaluate existing and planned park & ride facilities, as well as current prospective properties, parking practices such as parking requirements for developments and parking technology. After this eval, the stakeholders will receive recommendations to make sure that the region is planning for future park and ride needs and following national best practices. 

This assessment and review is an important step to find a long-term, lasting solution for the parking challenges our community faces. We’ll be sure to keep our listeners updated on the process as it continues! 


The Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Program is hosting a halloween-themed Health & Resource Fair on Friday, October 13 from 3-6 at the Kamas services building, located at 110 N. Main Street in Kamas. This event is a celebration of the grand opening of WIC’s brand-new Kamas Clinic! 

We hope the event will help to educate the community on all services that are available to them through the WIC program and beyond. It’ll be an evening full of fun and information! All community members are welcome. Learn more at facebook.com/summitcountyhd


And finally, we know we’ve talked about it a lot, but PLEASE don’t miss your chance to participate in Phase 3 of “Our Summit,” the county-wide community visioning process! Questionnaire #3 closes NEXT WEEK on Sunday, October 15. Your responses will directly impact and guide the future of Summit County. In this phase, you’ll help us understand how YOU prioritize certain features of your local community, what enhancements you would like to see and how you think growth should be handled. Take Questionnaire 3 at oursummitcounty.com.