August 4, 2023 – All things related to property tax season & a reminder that the 2023 Summit County Fair is HERE!

Today, we cover…

  • All things related to property tax season
    • Assessor’s new property valuation mapping tool
    • Property Tax Disclosure Notices
    • Truth in Taxation public hearings
  • A reminder that the Summit County Fair is BACK this weekend

Property Tax Valuation Tool 

The Assessor’s Office has been working hard to create an online interactive web platform that increases accessibility to valuation information by sharing public details about Summit County properties, and last week they officially launched their Property Valuation Mapping Tool! 

The maps on the web platform… 

  • Provide county taxpayers with a resource to examine the equity of the 2023 tax assessment
  • Allow users to visualize various aspects of the county assessment such as market values, taxable values, the area factor rate, quality, year built and square footage
  • Break down the price per square foot and also show the percentage change from last year’s property valuation

Folks can access the interactive maps and a tutorial on how to use them at:

Tax Notices 

While we’re on the topic of taxes, Summit County residents should keep an eye out for their tax disclosure notice which was sent through the mail by the Auditor’s Office earlier this week. 

There is a 45-day window of opportunity to review your property. As the taxpayer, you should be watching for market changes and whether your property is coded correctly, and receiving any exemptions that may be available to you.

If you have questions about your property valuation info, you can visit to access the awesome web platform we just talked about and also to reach out to the appraiser assigned to the area your property is located in.

ALSO if you have questions on how to appeal your valuation and to apply for the Board of Equalization, you can visit

Truth in Taxation Hearings  

And, the last tax-related topic we have today is reminding our listeners that the Truth in Taxation process is underway for six taxing entities in Summit County. 

Before we keep going here, Isaac, can you explain to me and our listeners, what Truth in Taxation is? 

Of course! Whenever a taxing entity, for example a school district, proposes a property tax revenue increase it triggers a state-mandated “Truth in Taxation” process. The process is meant to encourage transparency and provide an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposal. In the end, the County Council makes the final decision.

Ok that makes sense. So six entities in Summit County are proposing increases? 

Yes! Park City School District, South Summit School District, Henefer Town, Oakley City, Weber Basin Water Conservancy, and Central Utah Water Conservancy are all proposing tax increases. 

You mentioned that the public would have the opportunity to comment on the increases? 

Yes… each entity is hosting a truth in taxation public hearing on their proposed increases. You can find a full schedule of the hearings, including dates, times and locations– this can all be found in our show notes, HERE

  •       Park City School District – Aug 15, 2023 – 6pm – 2700 Kearns Blvd. Park City, UT
  •       South Summit School District – Aug. 9, 2023 @ 6pm – 285 E 400 S. Kamas, UT
  •       Henefer Town – Aug 8, 2023 @ 7pm – 150 W Center St. Henefer, UT
  •       Oakley City – Aug 23, 2023 960 West Center Street Oakley, UT
  •       Weber Basin Water Conservancy – Aug 28, 2023 @ 6:30 pm – 2837 E Highway 193, Layton, UT
  •       Central Utah Water Conservancy – Aug 21, 2023 @ 6pm – 1426 # 750 N, Orem UT

Awesome. Do you have any idea how much the increases are? 

The two biggest proposed tax increases would be for the school districts. The average residential property in those districts would be paying about $250 more annually.

For Oakley, the average resident would pay roughly $40 more annually; and for Henefer, the average household would pay about $10 more each year.

The Weber Basin Water Conservancy District is keeping the tax rate the same, but with property value increases, the average household would pay $40 more annually; and residents in the Central Utah water district would pay an extra $4 annually. 

Thanks, Isaac. I’ll just reiterate that listeners should check out our show notes for information on the Truth in Taxation public hearings…if proposed increases are affecting you, that is your opportunity to voice your opinion on the matter.  

Summit County Fair 

Finally, the Summit County Fair is back THIS WEEKEND, starting tomorrow August 5 through August 12! 

Come join us and experience this traditional, small-town fair with cowboys and bucking broncos, a carnival, fair royalty, home canned goods, flowers, vegetables, and so much more! Events are held throughout Summit County, but the home-base is in Coalville at the Summit County Fairgrounds! 

You can also participate in the “Be Part of the Art” event at the fair this year. On Friday, August 11 AND Saturday, August 12 from 11am-4pm visit the Ledges Sculpture Creative Activation tent located on the Eastern wall of the Ledges Event Center Building (at 202 Park Road in Coalville) where sculpture artists Sasha Primo and Romeo Sosa will be available to guide your participation in a creative activity to make your mark on the new Ledges Sculpture!

Also: The Demolition Derby event is happening this Saturday, August 5, and the PRCA Rodeo will take place Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12th! To get tickets, view the rest of the fair’s schedule, and more, please visit