June 2, 2023 – Sandbag Disposal, EMS Study Update, US-40 Flyover Closure & Noxious Weed Info

Today we cover…

  • Updates regarding sandbag disposal
  • The latest on the county-wide EMS study
  • UDOT US40 Flyover project + closure
  • Important info on noxious weeds  

Sandbag Disposal

Ok first up, we wanted to quickly talk sandbags! The snowpack at higher elevations is still well above average for this time of year. Residents in flood plains and waterways are encouraged to keep sandbags on hand until mid-June.

Remember the following when it is time to dispose of sandbags:

  • Once acquired, sandbags are your responsibility, including proper disposal. Summit County does not offer sandbag pickup or individual disposal. Residents who live within city limits can contact their municipality to see if they offer disposal options.
  • Residents who are physically unable to dispose of their sandbags can request help from the Sandbag Samaritan volunteer list by emailing pio@summitcounty.org.
  • Be aware that sunlight quickly degrades bags.
  • Do not dump sandbags in rivers, creeks, streams, canals, ditches, roadway gutters, storm drain inlets, or anywhere but your property.
  • Basic safety precautions, such as wearing gloves, long pants, and long sleeves, are also encouraged when disposing of bags and sand.
  • Suggested disposal options include: reusing sandbags on your personal property or disposing in landfills and trash receptacles. If you do plan on using your curbside bin to dispose of sandbags, please only dispose *one bag at a time* and do not place multiple bags on the curb for pickup. 
  • Sand or sandbags that have been in contact with flood water specifically should not be reused in ways that involve direct, regular, human contact, such as sandboxes or playgrounds. 
  • If you believe your sandbags may have come in contact with sewage, fuels, or other non-household chemicals, contact Summit County Environmental Health at 435-333-1502.

As always, you can stay up to date on all things sandbags and flooding at summitcounty.org/flooding


EMS Study 

At this week’s County Council meeting, consultants from SafeTech solutions presented their final recommendations about the best way to provide EMS or Emergency Medical Services to our community. 

There were initially three models on the table, but Safe Tech ultimately recommended the first model, which means creating a single county-wide EMS system operated by a single EMS provider, funded and governed by a single governing body. They recommended creating a special tax district to fund the EMS service. 

SafeTech noted that the other models would have cost $2 – $3 million more expensive annually. Moreover, using the model of a single EMS provider is the most efficient way to get resources to the most rural areas of the county.

Ultimately, no action was taken by the council this week, so be sure to stay tuned in the coming weeks to hear more about next steps in the decision making process. 

Road Work 

Moving on, last week we talked about some current, ongoing road projects happening throughout the county. You can find more information on these projects at summitcounty.org/roadprojects

This week, we wanted to take some more time to highlight another project UDOT is starting shortly on the US40 Flyover. 

Beginning on June 5 UDOT will start the first phase of construction on the US-40 Flyover from northbound US-40 to westbound I-80.

To safely complete this work, the US-40 flyover will be closed for up to one-month. The ramp will open by the 4th of July weekend. 

Drivers should expect…

  • Day and night work (24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
  • Increased noise, vibration, dust and lighting
  • Up to one-month closure of the US-40 Flyover
  • Traffic shifts, detours and lane closures
  • Travel delays

Again, you can always find this information and more at summitcounty.org/roadprojects under the UDOT tab. 

It’s Weeds Season – Equipment Available for Rent

And last but certainly not least, its noxious weed season! The county is lucky to have a crew of Weeds Experts in our Weeds Division that are responsible for identifying and eliminating noxious weeds throughout the county, as well as educating the public about how to identify and control noxious weeds on their own property.

As part of their education efforts, the Weeds team rents weed spraying equipment for FREE to the public! When you come to rent equipment, the team will work with you to understand the individual situation on your property and figure out what control method may be best for you—whether that’s herbicide or other methods like hand pulling or even biocontrol! 

Come on down to learn from the weeds team at 1735 S. Hoytsville Rd. in Coalville Monday through Thursday from 6:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. You can also always visit summitcounty.org/weeds to learn more about Noxious Weeds in Summit County or contact the Weed Division at 435-336-3992 with any comments, suggestions, or questions that you have.