March 17, 2023 – Ure Family Farm Acquisition, County Challenges Constitutionality of SB84 & 2023 Rain Barrel Program

Today, we cover…

  • An exciting property acquisition that will help preserve open space in the Kamas Valley
  • Summit County challenging the constitutionality of Senate Bill 84
  • 2023 Rain Harvest Program
  • Summit County visioning project called “Our Summit.”

Ure Farm 

At this week’s County Council meeting, the Council approved and entered an option agreement with the Ure family to acquire their approximately 834-acre farm in the Kamas Valley.  

To fund the purchase, Summit County will combine 2021 GO Bond (Open Space) funds with funds from Summit Land Conservancy, the development community, state and federal grants, and other open space partners. The majority of the property acquired by this option will become protected open space. 

“The Kamas Meadow is a critical part of the Summit County water ecosystem and its preservation has been prioritized by the County as well as the Open Space Advisory Committee’s guidelines for open space acquisitions in the South Summit region,” County Council Chair, Roger Armstrong, said. “This purchase is an important step in preserving the Kamas Meadow and supports the preservation of agricultural values in the Kamas Valley.” 

To read more, please visit the homepage of and click the Ure Family Farm item under the Summit County News section. 

Dakota Pacific 

On March 15, 2023, Summit County Attorney, Margaret Olson, filed a 46-page complaint in the Third District Court in Summit County against Park City Junction, LLC dba Dakota Pacific Real Estate (Dakota Pacific) and the State of Utah. The complaint challenges the constitutionality of Senate Bill 84 (SB 84), seeks to enforce Summit County’s rights under the 2008 Park City Tech Center Development Agreement (Development Agreement), and asks for the Court to find that Dakota Pacific breached its covenant of good faith and fair dealing under the Development Agreement. 

Read more and find the full complaint on the homepage of right under the Summit County News section.  

Rain Barrels

We are excited to announce that Summit County is partnering with the Utah Rivers Council for the 2023 Rain Harvest program! Summit County residents can now purchase an American-made, 100% recycled, rain barrel made by Rain Water Solutions for a discounted price of $55. There is a limited number of these subsidized barrels so place your order TODAY! Rain barrels are an easy way to affordably conserve water and improve water quality. 

To purchase a rain barrel, visit Rain barrels can also be purchased for the price of $83 after the subsidized barrels run out or if you are not a Summit County resident.

Community Visioning 

And, last but certainly not least, Summit County is undertaking a community visioning plan to establish a roadmap for the future of our County! Community members have the opportunity to take the “Summit County Talks” questionnaire now through March 31.

The questionnaire is an important opportunity to share how you view Summit County as it is now, what you love about our community, and what opportunities you see for it in the next 10-20 years. The survey is available at