Februrary 24, 2023 – Dakota Pacific Development Agreement, Summit County Travel Dashboard, Trash Dash & Community Visioning Questionnaire

Hey everyone! Welcome back to another week of news here on Summit in 6.

We’ll kick things off with the latest info involving the Dakota Pacific Development Agreement, and then we’ll talk about the Summit County Travel Dashboard and the Summit County Trash Dash. Finally, we’ll finish up with info about another survey opportunity involving the Summit County visioning project, “Our Summit.”

Ok…let’s get into the news. 

Dakota Pacific Update 

Last week, we briefly talked about Senate Bill 84, a bill that, in effect, seizes land use authority from Summit County concerning Dakota Pacific Real Estate’s amendment application for an existing 15-year-old development agreement. 

The Utah House passed SB 84 on February 15, and the Senate concurred on February 16. Now, the bill awaits the Governor’s signature (or veto).

Despite SB 84, the Summit County Council proceeded with a fair and open process concerning Dakota Pacific’s Amendment Application at this week’s County Council meeting. The Council  held a work session with Dakota Pacific representatives to discuss the final issues concerning the “Plan C” proposal they submitted just a few weeks ago on February 1. 

From here, there will be two public hearings for the public to provide input on the new proposal to both Dakota Pacific and the Council before a decision is made. Those hearings will take place on Wednesday, March 1 from 5 pm-8:30 pm and Wednesday, March 8 from 6 pm-8:30 pm both at the Ecker Hill Middle School Auditorium. 

Roads Dashboard

If you haven’t heard yet, together with UDOT and Park City Municipal, Summit County launched the brand new Summit County Travel Dashboard! You can use this brand new tool to get updates every 10-20 minutes on travel times & road conditions for state routes in Summit County. It’s a great way to help ensure a safe trip, especially with all this snow! Visit summitcounty.udot.utah.gov to check it out! 

Trash Dash 

Speaking of all this snow, we also wanted to remind listeners to keep an eye on the Summit County Trash Dash for information from Republic Services on weather-related service delays. The dashboard is updated every weekday evening at summitcounty.org/trashdash

Before we move on, a very heartfelt thank you to all the drivers, our summit county snowplow drivers and Republic Services crews, who are operating in these snowy conditions. Our community appreciates all you do.

Community Visioning 

And, last but certainly not least, Summit County is undertaking a community visioning plan to establish a roadmap for the future of our County! Community members have the opportunity to take the “Summit County Talks” survey now through March 31.

The questionnaire is an important opportunity to share how you view Summit County as it is now, what you love about our community, and what opportunities you see for it in the next 10-20 years. The survey is available at oursummitcounty.com