September 30, 2022 – Community Planning Lab, Truth in Taxation, & Summit County Historical Archive

In today’s episode we:

  • Cover a few topics that were addressed at this week’s County Council meeting including an exciting opportunity for residents to participate in a Community Planning Lab and some Truth in Taxation information. 
  • Then, we’ll talk about how YOU, our Summit in Six listeners, can help build the Summit County Historical Archive! 

Community Planning Lab 

First up, the Summit County Community Development Department was in front of the Council to share an exciting new endeavor they’re embarking on. 

It’s called the Community Planning Lab and it’s designed for Summit County residents, community leaders, business owners, and other community stakeholders who want to be more engaged in and better understand the processes that drive local planning and land use policy decisions.

So how does it work? 

Well, it will take place over a 10-week period of time from mid-January to April of 2023. It will have a hybrid format so folks will participate both in person and online, and types of activities will include presentations from experts in the planning and land use policy fields, field trips, and project work. 

I’m curious what kind of topics will be covered in the lab? 

Sample topics for the lab include learning the types of plans and zoning ordinances, how to effectively engage with community councils, the what, where, and how of affordable housing, talking about smart growth, and so much more. Hopefully, participants will come away with an understanding of how planning helps shape our cities and towns and how engagement and participation in local affairs develop community.

Ok, last question! Does it cost anything? 

No. The Planning Lab is free and available to all interested community members and stakeholders in Summit County. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please visit to learn more and sign up to receive information on how you can get involved! 

Truth in Taxation

Two taxing entities here in Summit County, Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District and North Summit Fire District, were in front of the Council last night to talk about their Truth in Taxation processes. 

Before we continue, what exactly is Truth in Taxation, Bailey? 

Good question! When any taxing entity in the County intends to increase the revenue they receive from property taxes, it triggers a state-mandated process called “Truth in Taxation”. Basically, Truth in Taxation encourages transparency and provides an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposed increase. Ultimately, the County Council makes the final decision.

So, because both entities, North Summit Fire and Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District, intend to increase property taxes, we think it’s important that our listeners and all residents of Summit County understand what will happen in the coming months regarding these proposed tax rate increases and when exactly they can give input and feedback. 

Please visit the homepage and find the “What’s Next: Truth in Taxation” spotlight for exact dates and details on what happens next for North Summit Fire District and Snyderville Basin Special Recreation District’s Truth in Taxation process. 

Summit County Historical Archive

And, finally, we want to highlight our most recent submission to the Summit County Historical Archives! 

Yes, we are so excited to have received a submission from Summit County resident Jackie Smith Ball. She sent us photos of the old Wanship Cash Store which was run by her parents Jack and Florence Smith from 1950 – 1985. According to Jackie, her parents kept the store open 365 days a year. “Still today people talk about how much they loved the little store that I grew up in,” she recalls, adding that they would give free groceries to travelers and locals in need.

Summit in Six listeners, help us build our archive! Share your photos and stories of your Summit County Life over the years. Please email to submit with the subject line “Summit County Life.