August 19, 2022 – Board of Equalization and other property tax info, federal RAISE grant, 2022 Wild & Woolie Sheepdog Trials, & Easton Corbin

In today’s episode we’ll talk about:

  • Property Taxes: Board of Equalization, Tax Abatement Programs, Primary Residence Exception 
  • Summit County and High Valley Transit RAISE Grant 
  • The 2022 Wild & Woolie Sheepdog Trials
  • The upcoming Easton Corbin Concert on Labor Day Weekend

Property Tax Information  

Attention Summit County property owners! Tax disclosure notices were sent out on August 1. There is a 45-day window of opportunity to review your property. 

As the taxpayer, you should be watching for market changes and whether your property is coded correctly, and receiving any exemptions that may be available. 

To appeal the market value of your property, you have to go through the Board of Equalization (BOE). The BOE process ends IN ONE MONTH on September 15th at 5 PM. Appeals will be accepted regarding the market value of your property ONLY. Appeals will NOT be accepted regarding tax rate or dollar amount.

You apply for the BOE through the Auditor’s Office. Visit to:

  • Make appeals online
  • For more information on the BOE process

Some Summit County taxpayers may be eligible for property tax relief or deferral. For information on the County’s tax abatement programs, visit: 

And, finally, make sure your property’s type of residence is coded properly. The Primary Residence Exemption is an exemption for those people living in their property full time or that have rented their property to a single tenant year round.

A property that is granted a primary residence exemption is only taxed at 55% of the market value of the home and up to one acre of land. Learn more HERE

High Valley Transit Funding 

Up next, we have some  very exciting transit news, Summit County and its partner, High Valley Transit, secured a $25 million grant through the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Rebuilding American Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity (RAISE) program to continue work on the S.R. 224 Electric Bus and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project.

The grant will help add dedicated lanes in each direction on much of S.R. 224 exclusively for use by transit vehicles, school buses, and emergency vehicles, as well as procure five battery-powered buses and supporting electric charging infrastructure. It will additionally create two new transit stations, provide improvements on three other existing stations, and allow for operational improvements at intersections along the S.R. 224 corridor.

Once finished, the electric BRT system will create an affordable, accessible, low-emissions transportation choice for those who need it most, while increasing access to goods, services, employment, and recreation. 

This grant, combined with the $30.3 million Summit County received from the State Transportation Commission means the BRT project is fully funded! In terms of what’s next, Summit County will finalize the project environmental review in September of this year and enter a final design for the project in early 2023. 

Wild & Woolie 

Visit the Summit County Fairgrounds August 19-21 to experience the 2022 Wild & Woolie Sheepdog Trials. The event is FREE to attend and food vendors will be on site.

Sheepdog trials are competitions for breeds of herding dogs. Watch these animal athletes complete a series of tasks that reflect their everyday work with a flock of sheep. Events will be happening from 7 AM – 5 PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t miss out!

Easton Corbin 

Lastly, Summit County is proud to present country music artist Easton Corbin in concert at the Summit County Fairgrounds on September 3rd at 8:30 PM!  

Opening artists Honkey Blue Tonkey, Triggers and Slips, and Jagertown will also join in on the fun! Tickets are on sale for $25 HERE. We hope to see you there!