July 29, 2022 – County Manager Selection Committee, sustainability fee adjustments & upcoming events

In today’s episode we’ll talk about:

  • The County Manager Selection Committee appointments
  • Fee adjustments happening in the Sustainability Department and Recorder’s Office. 
  • Developments in High Valley Transit’s facilities upgrade plans 
  • Summit County events coming up later this summer! 

County Manager Selection Committee 

Let’s kick it off with information about the County Manager Selection Committee. Nine members were appointed to the selection committee who will help the Council select the next County Manager. A special thank you to Betsy Wallace, Christina Miller, Claudia McMullin, Tony Tyler, Tom Smart, Mark Marsh, Margaret Plane, Jeff Young, and Tal Adair for their willingness to serve on this committee. 

From here, the committee will hire and coordinate with a search firm to conduct a nationwide recruitment and evaluation process, after which they will recommend three finalist candidates to the County Council. 

The Council will interview each of the three top candidates to determine the next County Manager. The recruiting process is expected to take a minimum of four months to complete.   

Electric Charger Fee Structure 

Moving on to electric charger fee structure changes! Emily Quinton, the County’s Sustainability Manager, and Zack Darby, Sustainability Analyst, went to Council this week to discuss implementing a fee for County electric vehicle charging stations. 

They proposed implementing a market rate fee for the three County-owned fast chargers, which have been free to use since 2016. All level II charging will remain free for users for now. 

The Council was in favor of this proposal and gave staff direction to move forward. 

Survey Fees + Fraud Guard 

Speaking of fees, Summit County Recorder, Rhonda Francis, presented an increase for the filing fee for surveys. The fee will now be $40. This increase not only puts the Recorder’s Office in line with other jurisdictions within Utah and comparable to the recording fee outlined in Utah Code, but it also will allow them to accept surveys and corner tie sheets electronically via email now! 

And, in other Recorder’s Office news, Fraud Guard is now available through their office. Fraud Guard is a simple way to help you prevent being the victim of property fraud. All you have to do is register your name and when a document is recorded with your name on it you will be notified via email. This gives you early warning of property fraud being committed in your name. Subscribe to Fraud Guard Alerts today by visiting summitcounty.org and navigating to Government Tab and then Recorder” is under the elected offices section.

High Valley Transit 

Moving on to High valley transit news, Kim Carson, High Valley Transit Board Chair, and Caroline Rodriguez, High Valley Transit Executive Director, were in front of the Council to execute a 3 million dollar Real Estate Purchase Agreement as well as an Infrastructure Agreement. 

Both agreements will move forward High Valley Transit District’s facilities upgrade plans. These plans include a bus storage barn, maintenance building, and an administrative office. The bus barn will be constructed first and is expected to be at least a year out from completion.

The County obligations for these plans, as outlined in the infrastructure agreement, include: 

  • An improved roadway system that traverses the subdivision
  • Extending and installing domestic water lines, sanitary sewer lines, and storm drain lines 


  • Installation of utility lines including telecom, gas and three-phase power lines 

High Valley Transit has committed to reimbursing the County 8.6% of the cost of these improvements which equates to approximately $1.7 million. 

Summit County Fair 

Moving on to some very exciting news…the Summit County Fair is returning NEXT Saturday, August 6 and will run through August 13. 

The signature Demolition Derby event is already sold out, but the 2022 PRCA Rodeo, happening Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13th still has tickets available. Save your spot NOW at summitcountyfair.org then go to the events tab.  

And, while we patiently wait for Saturday, August 6 to get here, stay in touch about all things Summit County Fair using our fair text line. Text SUMMITFAIR to 888777.  

Easton Corbin  

Lastly: Summit County is proud to present country music artist Easton Corbin in concert at the Summit County Fairgrounds on September 3rd at 8:30 PM!  

Opening artists Honkey Blue Tonkey, Triggers and Slips, and Jagertown will also join in on the fun!  

Tickets are on sale for $25 at summitcountyfair.org under the events tab! we hope to see you there!