July 15, 2022 – Interim County Manager Appointed, County Manager Selection Committee & Truth in Taxation

Today, we’ll cover:

  • The appointment of an interim County Manager
  • Truth in Taxation process for four taxing entities in Summit County 
  • And, several events happening in Summit County this week that our listeners should have marked on their calendars! 

Janna Young named Interim County Manager  

The Summit County Council has appointed Janna Young as interim County Manager, effective July 30, 2022. She will step in for Tom Fisher who, as we reported last week, resigned from his position as County Manager to become the Town Manager in Frisco, Colorado.  

Young has worked for Summit County for six years. She began as the Director of Public Policy and Intergovernmental Affairs in 2017 and in March of 2018, she was promoted to Deputy County Manager and has held the role since.  

The County Council will begin a formal process of recruiting a new County Manager immediately.  

A Selection Committee, composed of five to nine members, will be enacted in the coming weeks. To serve on the selection committee, individuals must be registered voters in Summit County and either nominate themselves or receive a nomination. Summit County Council will review the nominations and appoint members.

If you or someone you know is interested in being involved with this process, please submit your name, or the nominee’s name, phone number, and a short letter of interest to David Warnock/Summit County, P.O. Box 128, Coalville, UT, 84017, or to dwarnock@summitcounty.org on or before July 26, 2022.

You DO have to be a registered Summit County voter to participate but you DO NOT need to be a registered Summit County voter to nominate someone else.

Once in place, the committee will hire and coordinate with a search firm to conduct a nationwide recruitment and evaluation process, after which they will recommend three finalist candidates to the County Council.

The Council will interview each of the three top candidates to determine the next County Manager. The recruiting process is expected to take a minimum of four months to complete.   

Truth in Taxation (Water Districts)  

The Central Utah and Weber Basin Water Conservancy Districts were in front of the Council for Truth in Taxation presentations. For context, Truth in Taxation is a process established by the Utah State Legislature where local governments and districts are required to hold a public hearing and inform taxpayers of proposed increases prior to Councils and/or Boards voting on them for formal adoption.  

Both water districts presented proposed Fiscal Year 2023 tax rates, both of which increased from the previous year.  

Central Utah Water proposed a 24% increase. Impacts of the increase for a $513,000 primary residence would equate to $22.01 a year or $1.83 a month for Summit County taxpayers serviced by Central Utah Water.  

Weber Basin proposed a 62% increase. Impacts of the increase for a $543,000 primary residence this would equate to $49.05 a year or $4.09 a month for Summit County taxpayers receiving services from Weber Basin.

Reasons for increases range from higher bond rates to the historical inflation rates we’re currently experiencing. Both districts shared their plans for use of the money which included several capital projects and replacements, as well as heightened conservation efforts.

In addition to the water districts, two other taxing entities in Summit County: Park City School District and Oakley City, will be going through Truth in Taxation public hearings this year to consider raising property taxes. Stay tuned for more information on those hearings in the coming weeks.

Long Range Transportation Plan  

The Eastern Summit County Planning Commission is conducting a public hearing on the Long-Range Transportation Plan for the years 2022-2050 next week on Thursday, July 21 @ 6 p.m.  

For info on how to tune in or join in person, and to view projects in the plan, visit: bit.ly/LRTPRecs 

To submit a written comment: Email bbrady@summitcounty.org prior to the meeting.  

2023 Calendar  

Calling everyone who loves Summit County scenery! We want to include your photos in our 2023 Summit County Calendar! Submit your photos to bit.ly/calendar23 for a chance to showcase your photography. 

The submission deadline is July 21 at 11:59 PM. 

There are only a few rules to enter. All images must: 

  • Be taken in Summit County 
  • Be YOUR original work 
  • Be high-resolution (NO smartphone photos!) 

Winners will receive 3 calendars and will be featured on Summit County’s social media channels! 

Nonprofit Funding Opportunity  

Attention Summit County Non-Profits! This message is for you! Summit County is currently seeking applications from non-profit entities for fiscal year 2023 grant funding. 

Applications must be submitted online at bit.ly/NPOgrant, The deadline to apply is a week from today on Friday, July 29, 2022 at 5 PM.